Who We Are

Avid Associates

We take the active approach in helping businesses locate top talent, as well as providing confidential assistance to professionals looking to enhance their careers.

Our Approach

Just like many of the companies and individuals we work with today, our understanding of the industry comes from learning it organically. Our daily interaction with everyone from the top executives and shakers to the hands-on field employees provides us with up-to-date information regarding compensation, marketplaces changes, personnel moves and industry news. This “active” information provides the missing link for any Employer or Job Seeker making important strategic decisions.

What Drives Us

What's in a name? Everything. At Avid Associates our foundation starts with the name and the belief that if you truly care about others and their interests, everything else will fall in place. Starting with our first placement of a Landscape Designer years ago to now placing key positions on all levels from President to Division Manager, Estimator to Field Superintendent, Avid understands the Landscape, Construction and Facility Services industries from the ground up.

How We Deliver

Anyone can run an advertisement for an open position. Even us. But what we’ve found is that the best candidates aren’t looking for a new job. The best candidates are too busy delivering for your competitors to even be aware of your opportunity, and those that are aware are usually too nervous about jeopardizing their current position to apply to yours. We confidentially connect with top candidates, earning their trust and attracting them to not just a position but specifically to your company.

We Can Help

With our specific areas of concentration, there is no firm more dedicated and focused on your industry. We are committed to exceeding your goals and will do whatever it takes to get results. We take pride in the quality of service we give to our clients and candidates and relationships we build and foster. Ready for a conversation?