Be Honest

Let’s be honest. This is a big deal

Making a move in anyone’s career can be a fantastic and life-changing event that will not only affect you but also the loved one’s around you. Although there are a lot of good things that can come out of going after a new opportunity with another company, there are many things that can go terribly wrong if not properly handled. This transition is where Avid is at our best.

You need to know. It starts with information

Information is king in today’s world, specifically when making a career move. That’s why we focus on providing the most up-to-date details that can help you in deciding what is the best move. Size of company, company location, work culture, future growth potential, advancement, compensation, benefits and scope of work are just some of the important points that are key in thinking through a career decision.

It Starts With Information

You need to move ahead. Our concern is your career.

Being connected to your marketplace and industry allows us the ability to confidentially supply you with the important position details as well as set up confidential meetings to explore those opportunities further.

Questions to consider:
  • Have you thought about what happens once you send your resume out to companies on your own?
  • Does your current employer know you are looking?
  • Does the position make sense financially for you to make the move?
  • Is there growth potential?
  • If they have multiple locations, from which location or branch would you be required to work?
  • Who else will see your information?
  • Why is the position open?
What Avid provides:
  • Confidence of confidentiality
  • Career consulting
  • Salary competitiveness
  • Setting up meeting times, dates and locations
  • Company follow up
  • Interview preparation
  • Greater access to nondisclosed materials
  • Advice and guidance regarding relocation