The Avid Mission

Whether it’s for expansion, replacement or a newly created position, our mission is to learn what your needs and wants are and find the talent that fits your unique profile.

This is a big deal

Our search and recruitment process allows us to successfully locate, attract, filter and present the best individuals for your open position. By providing a better hiring experience, as well as detecting and avoiding potential issues, we give our clients a true competitive edge.

How We Provide a Better Experience:
  • Knowing all talent available in or outside your marketplace, not applicants just applying to ads
  • Interviewing and presenting candidates with the right qualifications, experience and salary requirements
  • Locating talent that was unaware or not particularly interested in your type of opportunity
Potential Pitfalls We Help You Avoid:
  • Long-distance commutes
  • Unknown non-competes
  • Future commission payouts, bonuses, and/or stocks options
  • Unknown issues that don’t typically arise from resumes or normal applicant process
Additional Services We Provide:
  • Nationwide Candidate Search & Recruitment
  • Arrangement and Scheduling of Interviews
  • Candidate Interview Follow Up & Debrief
  • Offer Presentation & Counter Offer
  • Post-Hire Follow Up & Debrief
Looking For Staffing Solutions
Looking For Staffing Solutions

Looking for
Staffing Solutions

While the economic climate may be in a constant state of change, the search for talent remains a priority. At Avid we tailor recruiting solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We do more than just read a job description. We develop a profile and solid understanding of your organization, its needs and its culture. Through this understanding, Avid will begin to identify and discuss with your team the top talent available through direct recruiting, referrals and industry contacts.

Once we have engaged a search, the wheels are set in motion. We will be focused and stay committed until your search is filled. Our goal is to establish a long term, mutually rewarding professional partnership.